Hot Chocolate and Coffee

We use only the best!!  Award winning Altura Coffee and hot Chocolates made from our own recipe using the finest Beligium chocolate.


Espresso – a double shot providing a rich golden crema
Long Black – a double shot served with hot water
Americano – a single shot over hot water emulating the softer flavour of filter coffee
Flat White – an espresso textured with velvet milk
Cappuccino – an espresso crowned with textured lush foam and topped with real shaved chocolate or cinnamon
Caffe Latte – a double shot textured with lush velvet milk
Macchiato (short/long) – an espresso stained with lush velvet milk
Mocha – a double shot blended with Belgian hot chocolate and topped with real shaved chocolate

Hot Chocolate  – rich Belgian chocolate blended with lush velvet milk served with marshmallows and real shaved chocolate
Chocolate Shot – Pure hot rich Belgian chocolate – add a dash of chilli and hot sauce – We dare you
Chai Latte – an aromatic blend of black tea, cinnamon, honey and spices all blended with lush textured milk – Spicy or Sweet
Extras – Large/extra shot/decaf/soy milk/Vanilla/hazelnut/caramel


Lavendar Earl Grey – Black Tea scented with lavender flowers and oil of bergamont
Fruits of Eden – blend of hibiscus flowers, rose hips, hawthorn berry, cranberry, lemon peel and natural cherry flavour
English Breakfast – medium strength black tea
Honey Dew Green – green tea, honeydew pieces and natural apricot flavours

We offer a deal on prepay Hot Chocolate and Coffee cards.  Buy ten $5 coffees for just $45.

Text your order to 021 159 0776 and we can have it ready when you arrive.  Combine this with a prepay card and waiting for your coffee becomes a thing of the past.  Arrive, grab your coffee and run!!![/two_thirds_first]


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Hot Chocolate and Coffee
Hot Chocolate and Coffee with a side of Chocolate Shot